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Our Commitment to Healthy Pets

We at Petland make the health and well-being of our pets our #1 priority. Every Petland store has local consulting veterinarian(s). And our puppies and kittens are the finest available -- happy and healthy family pets.

Our registerable pets come from professional and hobby breeders who have years of experience in raising quality family pets. Petland puppies and kittens are checked by at least two and in most cases three veterinarians before being offered to our customers. Trained Petland kennel technicians check the health of our puppies and kittens every day. Weight, temperature and eating habits are monitored and records are kept.
Any inconsistencies are noted and reported to local consulting veterinarians who provide follow-up care. Petland’s custom-designed kennels are larger in all dimensions than recommended by the United States Department of Agriculture. Our kennels are designed to be easily disassembled and are cleaned continuously each day.

All Petland puppies and kittens go home with current vaccinations and a health warranty covering infectious diseases and hereditary or congenital disorders. Within the first few days of adoption, new pet owners are advised to take their puppy or kitten to a veterinarian for an additional health check.

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