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My pet is a ferret and her name is Sookie!! We love her so much. I wanted to have a pet in the home for my autistic son. Sookie is teaching him to be gentle and kind to animals. I never knew a ferret could be so much fun to have. She is the perfect pet and Petland is always here to help us with any needs we have with our pet. I would tell everyone to only buy their pet from here. It has been a complete and pleasant experience!!

I have a Pac Man Frog named Spanky, he's the greatest mouser in the world. He is eating a mouse every five days. Next up..rats! Spanky came to my home last July and he's the size of my fist now! He will not eat without an audience and afterwards goes to the front of the terrarium to give me a thank you stare..everyone loves Hypnotoad! Meanwhile, back at the ranch..I have a Cockapoo named Leo, who is helping me recover from the loss of my dad and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Ein Stein Mallath, whom I acquired as a college graduation gift from my girlfriend Erin.

We surprised our daughter with a Shih-tzu. She named him Gizmo. We got him from Petland. He has been a delight, our daughter is so responsible with him. But our service did not stop there. Even though Branson has a Petco I still drive to Springfield to get our pet supplies. The service is great. They are knowledgeable, and I am asked at least 10 times if I am finding everything ok. I will not do service with any other pet store.

Everyone was very informative and friendly. The animals all seem happy and healthy. It's always a pleasure to visit Petland.

We really enjoyed our Petland experience. The knowledgable staff is great with kids and parents alike!
ElanaAvon Lake

Toy Poodle, Anna is almost 6 years old. She started out as my son's. He had her a year. She was with him all the time and was a lot of company for him until he passed away. Now she is my comfort. She is a picture of health. Loving and great companion. I would purchase a dog from here again.
Dicki Sullivan

We have a 55 & 26 gallon aquarium. The staff at Petland is always helpful with answering questions about current fish & also with fish we order!

We purchased our French Mastiff, Scarlett, about 3 years ago. She is such a great addition to our family.
Gary & AmieeKettering

Beagle, she's an angel, fits right into the family.
ShannonWesley Chapel

We bought a female Akita, Tasha. She was 3 months when we bought her. She is a joy & a pleasant addition to our family. She has interacted with our other dogs very nicely. I would get another Akita if given a choice.
Kathy Belpre

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