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I have a Quaker Parrot purchased 2/08. The staff was knowledgable and offered me resources before purchasing a parrot. The quaker I picked- picked me also. We have a great friendship and he makes me laugh daily! He is an awesome pet and I have learned alot about parrots!

I have a Chihuahua and she is very smart. I really enjoyed the service here. I keep coming back to buy my dog treats, dog food, clothes and I love to see all the different dogs and puppies you guys carry. The different classes you have for our dogs have been very beneficial. The service has been very attentive and I am definitely going to keep coming. Thank you for your good service.
BrendaEl Paso

Our Boston Terrier, we never had one before. When we got our Zoe she was like my "Baby". Bigger dogs always attracted me but now I am hooked on this breed!!
CindyAvon Lake

I purchased my dog Yukon, (a Husky mix) from Petland. Because I was correctly matched with my puppy, he has brought so much joy not only to my life, but the lives of my other pets, friends and family. He was easy to train and came with everything I needed! He has provided me with unmatched companionship. I'm proud to call him my best friend. When I bring him into Petland he continuously puts a smile on everyone's face as they reminisce about when he was in the store. I love my puppy!

As soon as we walked into the new Petland store we were greeted by friendly and very knowledgeable staff. We were given the attention we needed when we were playing with our beautiful new "baby" boy "Bubba" a small Neo. Mastiff. Thank you for everything.
BethWesley Chapel

We adopted Molly our Jackabea from your Bethel Road store in March 2009. Holly was the salesperson. We are so happy. Molly is our pride and joy!! We went to the local pound first and it was such a hassle. We spoke with Holly and told her what we were looking for and she matched us with Molly. Thank you for a wonderful experience and a wonderful addition to our family! Molly is now nine months old and a very happy (spoiled) pup!!!

We found the staff at Petland to be very friendly and helpful. Our experience was great.
StephanieWesley Chapel

Ever since we played with her at the socialization room we fell in love with her. She is a Dachshund with a fluffy ear and she is always stealing the spotlight. She is a very playful puppy and she loves kids. So I recommend if you need a puppy to care and love my Dachshund is the best choice.
KimberlyEl Paso

Just over 1 year ago I bought my first Petland puppy. He is a 3 1/2 lb Chihuahua. He is a blue and tan and my little boy. His name is Magnum, small dogs need big names. I could not imagine life without him!
Mike Iowa City

The pet I have is a long haired Chihuahua. The staff was wonderful and knowledgeable when it came to any question I asked and general info about the puppy. Without Petland, my life wouldn't be the same.
AlexandraCedar Rapids

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