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My bird "Tweety" which is 9 months old now, was a baby two weeks old when I got him from Petland. My mom and I are used to taking care of birds like Ring Neck Parrots and Cockatoos. We've had 10 parrots when we were in India but none of those birds could reach anywhere close to my baby "Tweety". It is the most cutest bird I have ever had and talks almost like a human being. Every single day it comes up with a new surprise with a new word in it's vocabulary. It's only 9 months old and it talks words like "Tweety" (it's name) Marina (my name) Kevin (our brother), baby boy, come here, good boy, bye bye, thank you, Tony (my dad) Shally (my aunt), laughs, says shake hands, no biting, stop it, And I am sure it talks more than these words, which I don't remember now. And the cutest thing about the bird which I think is, when it gives shake hand. It gives it's tiny hands, and it loves massaging it's hands. It is a very possessive bird and loves attention. it gets very sad when I leave home and it starts crying. It loves playing with my hair and ornaments. Whenever I am depressed I play with "Tweety" because it is such an energetic and active bird. It just makes me happy. and, it gets very happy too when it gets attention from me. It's a very intelligent bird and sometimes it's behavior is almost like a human being. It can be very sly too. It hates my other bird because it gets very jealous. And I can go on talking about this will never end! Its the most cutest smartest, talkative and beautiful bird I've had in my life. Thank you Petland for giving me this cute baby! ( you won't believe it even talks my mothers language "Malayalam" (an Indian dialect)
Mary AnnRockford

He is an African Dwarf Frog. His name is Ferb. He is energetic for a frog & he is fun to feed, he jumps to catch the food.

Last year I bought two Boxers from Petland. The staff was very friendly and helpful and every time I go back to get food they remember me and ask how my dogs are. It's more than just a store, it's a family. It has been a fun and exciting adventure. My dogs have made my life much more fun, exciting and complete. I was asked once if i thought there were dogs in heaven and i replied of course there are because how could it be heaven without dogs.
RyanDayton York Commons

Ryu, my Collie, he's the greatest addition to the family! Goofy, spunky, and the happiest dog ever! He is the one I can count on to bring a smile to my face no matter what, every single day! Thanks Petland!

I wish to thank Darcy and his workers for making an old man who couldn't keep his 2 dogs, a small mixed breed and a Boston Terrier happy. I was helping an old man who had to move from his apartment into a home where someone could help him. He couldn't take his beloved pets with him. I tried finding homes for the dogs but no one would take them. Out of frustration I called and talked to the manager of Petland and told him my problems. Darcy is truly a man who loves animals. He made sure this old man knew that his pets would go to good homes and not be put down. I will go out of my way to buy at Petland because of the manager's kindness. Knowing his pets would find good homes made his move much easier for him. Thank you very much!
AnnaLouis Park

Pet Ferret named Kiki and a Gecko Lizard named Gex. I recommend the South Point Petland to all of my friends. They are all really nice and helpful. If they don't know an answer to questions we have, they will try to find someone who can answer them. They have good customer service!
Kayliegh Huntington

Good experience. Petland stands by their warranty. Over the last few years I've purchased a total of 4 Boston Terriers from Petland. I wouldn't trade these dogs for anything.

I purchased my dog Yukon, (a Husky mix) from Petland. Because I was correctly matched with my puppy, he has brought so much joy not only to my life, but the lives of my other pets, friends and family. He was easy to train and came with everything I needed! He has provided me with unmatched companionship. I'm proud to call him my best friend. When I bring him into Petland he continuously puts a smile on everyone's face as they reminisce about when he was in the store. I love my puppy!

I've bought 6 dogs from Petland 2 eng. Bulldogs Leo & Lola, one am. Bulldog Hailee, Boston Terrier hami, Pekignese lilly and my newest Neo Mastiff rexy. They make my life worth living. When I've had a bad day, I come home and I get non-stop lovin. They are all great healthy happy and smart dogs. I highly recomend buying a puppy from Petland. They go out of their way to make sure your puppy has a healthy life forever. You just can't go wrong with Petland. Thank you Petland!

I purchased my pet at Petland. I have a Siberian Husky named Sijha, I named her after my other dog Gunner's sister. She has been a great additon to the family and I'm glad I got her. Sijha currently weighs 45 pounds and is in great shape. I jump on my roller blades every morning and let her pull me away, I yell "Sijha Go!!" and boy does she go. Sijha has been the best breed of dog i've had, she only sheds twice a year, I do not have to worry about her and the Florida weather, she had oil in her skin that protect her from the heat. That is the only reason why I ended up with a Siberian and I'm happy I did. My next dog will for sure be another one like her. I love her and she loves me too.

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