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When I come home from work I'm tired sometimes in a bad mood. Just don't want to mess with anybody or thing. Zuse will just come over lay his head on my lap and take my bad mood away. He loves me no matter what.

We now have "Zoe" (Guinea Pig) and she is such a joy! Her eyes look like the Guinea Pig, "Bagsy" in Bedtime Stories! :) My daughter Gabbie, loves her so much. Thank you for caring so much for your pets and customers.

Sassy is a great dog. She was 16 wks when I saw her at Petland. Not only did she bark uncontrollably, but she ate my purse! I knew that I had to have her. The staff was so great - they talked us through everything. Sassy is now 7 years old and still has the same energy that she had when she was at Petland. She's been such a warm fuzzy in my life and I would not trade her for anything, even though she still barks her head off! Rumor is my dream dog! I have always wanted a purebred Border Collie and when I saw her, my heart melted - I fell in love! There was another family interested in her, but the owner was gracious enough to put her on hold for me. She'll be 3 yrs old this September and she is still my Baby girl. She is super intelligent - walks off load and is completely trained. Both dogs have brought many smiles thoughout the years and I have Petland to thank for that.

We purchased a female Shih Tzu named "Toca". An angel with as beautiful an inside as her fuzzy exterior. Perhaps the best purchase we ever made. We also purchased a tan Pekingese named " St. Nicholas" who graciously has kicked us out of the house.

We got Zoe two years ago. She is a true princess and brings us so much joy. She thinks she is a person. I can't wait to get home each day to see her. Thanks to Petland for bring her into our lives

Well I brought him home and we named him Coal and he is really smart. When he is hungry and thirsty Coal will jump and hit the top of the cage for me to wake up and give him his food. I always find myself staring at him and smiling, I call his name and he perks his ears up. He is solid black and little gray feet and absolutely the cutest little bunny that I could ever imaged. He loves the food with all sorts of things like fruit, veggies and other things, but I am glad I got him, because he lights up my day when I am down. He is the calmest bunny.

Everyone offered to help! Shopping here was great. I have many pets and shop at Petland for all my supplies. This place & the people are wonderful!

I bought a beautiful Coral Beauty and he is soooo super! He has now become become best friends with my Clown Fish. Hurray for fish.
Evan Athens

Dear Petland, Words can not express how much my Chihuahua (Ellie) has changed my life. After her adoption, Ellie took to her new hom very well. She just received the last of her shots and is graduating from puppy training school next week. She loves all the other dogs and children!! She loves to fetch for her toys, especially when we toss them down the stairs . Her favorite playmate is our black cat Bear, they play fight for several minutes at a time. We do spoil her a bit, when she gets to sleep in a king sized bed at night with her mom, dad and Bear kitty. Thank you so much for introducing me to my new best friend!!
LizTinley Park

I bought my dog Dopey from Petland when I was a senior in college. He came in with no one knowing what this dog would be like. Dopey is half English Bulldog/half Bassett Hound. Needless to say it was "love at first sight"!! Dopey stayed with me in my apt throughout that year. He kept me company, protected me and provided many laughs. Without Dopey, that year would have been very lonely. Dopey is now 2 1/2 and has continued to provide me with the happiness and laughs he did when I first purchased him. I know he is always there with love when I come home from a long day at work when I see his big ole' ears and wagging tail at the door. I don't know what I would do without him.
Emily Georgetown

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