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I have a Black Lab named Cosby. He's a wonderful part of my family.

I have a Quaker Parrot purchased 2/08. The staff was knowledgable and offered me resources before purchasing a parrot. The quaker I picked- picked me also. We have a great friendship and he makes me laugh daily! He is an awesome pet and I have learned alot about parrots!

He is an African Dwarf Frog. His name is Ferb. He is energetic for a frog & he is fun to feed, he jumps to catch the food.

Snoopy- Mini Lop, I wake up in the morning to Snoopy separating his bedding into piles. Snoopy plays ball with me throwing it down and me rolling it on the ground and picking it up. Petland is a special place for choosing a rabbit.

Her name is Brownie. She is a Morkie. She is a joy and we are very happy with her.
LenaCalumet City

I recently acquired a Hog Island Boa from Petland. However, this is more about how the snake affected my daughter. Previous to this she was "terrified" of snakes. Ever since the Boa came home and into our lives, she has become very attached to the snake. She has been doing research on Boa Constrictors and Pythons and has expressed a desire to have a Python of her own. This change of heart would not have been possible if she hadn't had the opportunity to be up close and personal with what scared her. It is said that we fear that which we don't understand. Having exotic pets allows one to touch a little bit of the wild world that might otherwise be beyond our reach. In the case of one teenage girl, it changed the way she sees the world forever.
PeteEl Paso

Maddie is doing great. I'm so glad I got her. She has changed my life. We also have a snake from here that is healthy an getting big. Everyone at this store is so great, nice and helpful. We come back weekly to find something new. Thank you!
Christi & SeanEl Paso

My pet is an Albino Corn Snake and I bought it for my 8 year old daughter. She loves it and everyone at Petland has been so helpful. I knew nothing about snakes and had a million questions and the friendly people at Petland were more than happy to help me. My kids all love "Sherby" our snake and think I'm the coolest mom ever. Thanks Petland for making me "cool".

In the past year I have purchased a Pug and an English Bulldog from Petland. They're the sweetest in the world and it's proven that when you have pets it expands your life span by several years.
LoriEl Paso

I bought an Australian Shepard (named him Pumpkin) last September. Wonderful dog. My son and I love him so do our 2 cats! He was incredible, easy to train-based upon the training DVD that you provided with him. I purchase all my fish/frogs and aquarium stuff here! Your employees are splendid, helpful and knowledgable.

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