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I got a Shiranian (Shih-tzu Pomeranian) mix. Everyday that I come home from a long day of school or from a long day at work, my dog is so happy to see me and brightens up my day.
KylieIowa City

Super helpful and knew what was most helpful to us with our Koi Pond, and dealing with our algae issue. Thank You!

Got a Golden Retriever 11 years ago. Has been the best dog. His name is Buddy. He has brought a lot of good times.

Ryu, my Collie, he's the greatest addition to the family! Goofy, spunky, and the happiest dog ever! He is the one I can count on to bring a smile to my face no matter what, every single day! Thanks Petland!

Molly is a Shih-Tzu. I love her very much. I like to play with her. She sleeps with me. I like to walk her. I love her very much.
TaylorThe Plains

I have three hermit crabs from Petland, Krabby, Kingler and Freckles. My biggest hermit crab Kingler, switched his shell. They are so fun to watch when they eat. It's fun to watch them squirm when I put them in a saltwater bath. It is teaching me how to be responsible for taking care of their needs. It makes me happy to know they are doing well in their new home.

I bought a Lhasa Apso puppy from Petland and he is a perfect puppy! A customer bought him first and about a week later had to bring him back because she was so allergic to him. Usually Petland will not accept puppies back, but the customer was thinking about taking him to a pound or humane society and Petland was not going to let that happen. He is a very obedient puppy and is learning so quickly. I could not be happier with another pet store because Petland treats their animals with love and makes sure that the customers leave happy & well informed about their new pet or even old ones.
Katherine El Paso

Our Yorkie from Petland Batavia is a gift from heaven. He is smart energetic and loving. The owner has asked us to come visit with him and we have. She loves all her dogs as if they were her own.

In the past year I have purchased a Pug and an English Bulldog from Petland. They're the sweetest in the world and it's proven that when you have pets it expands your life span by several years.
LoriEl Paso

In late September I brought home my adorable Boxer pup from Petland. Her name is Sadie she is nine months old now, and she is the best dog I have ever had my entire life. She is very obedient and never leaves my side. She is like my child only better cause she doesnt cry and can't talk back. Buying her was the best decision I've made as far as pets go. I look forward to the years ahead with my baby girl. Thanks so much Petland.

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