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My husband and I have purchased 3 dogs from Petland and can't not explain how those puppies have changed our lives. Our 2 boys, ages 9 and 13 have that boy and his dog life now and he s precious. Thank you Petland for helping us grow our family from 4 to 7.
David and KellyPittsburgh

Ruby, my Yellow Lab puppy is so sweet, smart and playful! She is the first pet I have ever had and she adds so much joy to my life. She just has to be the best dog in the world!

I purchased a Boston Terrier (Bigg Poppa) one year ago from Petland. He is healthy, playful and full of energy. I have been a customer of Petland since it's grand opening, and the people here are friendly and courteous.
DanielEl Paso

About a year ago I stopped in to kill time as I waited to cut my hair and donate it to the Locks of Love Foundation. I was only planning on looking around…Then I found Harry, my hairless rat. He was the last one left, so I scooped him up and fell in love. It was no coincidence that there just happened to be a hairless rat for sale the same day I donated my hair to cancer fighters.
Alison Fort Atkinson

I have purchased 3 wonderful dachshunds from Sarasota Petland. They truly are the loves of my life. When I got them there was little left for me to do considering everything that came included, from the vaccinations to the microchipping and even the free vet visit. All that was left for me to do was use the tools they provided me and potty train them which took no time at all using their methods. Will, Grace, and Sammi are the most wonderful and healthy dogs I could ever ask for. Thank you so much Petland for my best friends!!!

We have had our girl Bella for about two weeks and she has been wonderful! She is a French Bulldog who stole our heart the minute we laid eyes on her. She has loved us, entertained us, and been a wonderrful addition to our family. Bella is very smart, easy to train, and funny! She and our Boston Terrier, Peanut, have a great time playing and being together. My favorite thing to do with Bella is snuggle with her at night and listen to her baby snoring!
Chris and MarciRussell

We love our new hamster and always enjoy coming into Petland. We also bought a Brussels Griffon puppy for ourselves and one for our grandma.

We have been visiting the Petland in Fairfield, OH for the past two years. My son has a disability and the owners John and Nick have been a blessing to our family. We have added several pets to our family from Petland but the one I will mention for this story is a Conure named Rocky. He is one of many pets that has changed the behavior of my kids and made our family happy. The employees of Petland have been wonderful with my son. They are knowledgeable about the animals and truly love animals and people. It's my son's favorite place. After my Petland experience I would not purchase any animal from any place but Petland. I can't rave enough about the owners John and Nick and the difference they have made in my son's life and with our family.

Got a frog and guinea pigs. Love to shop here. All staff are always happy and helpful. Thanks!

I am a Petland customer and I love my dog I got from there. Her name is Rosie and she is a Brussels Griffon. I have never had a problem with her and her health has been great. She is a very well tempered dog and she is the best dog I could ever ask for. I have always wanted a dog and Petland employees helped me find the right dog for me. Rosie has made my life better, and she has brought my fiance' and I closer.
Whitney Georgetown

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