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Owning a dog is a big responsibility, but it pays dividends in love, loyalty, protection and companionship for people of all ages. Sometimes picking the right puppy for your particular circumstances requires some help and advice. At Petland, our pet counselors are trained to assist you in selecting and caring for a dog that suits you and your family.

Our technicians and managers spend lots of time and effort to obtain puppies with agreeable personalities and they take every precaution to see that the puppies are sound and healthy! It is only after a licensed veterinarian gives these puppies a clean bill of health and proper immunization that we can accept them into our Petland store. Once a puppy gets here he is bathed, vaccinated, put on a nourishing diet and he begins the important period in his life that we refer to as socialization, we begin teaching our puppies how to become pets.

Vaccination programs continue! Diets are closely monitored and hygiene is meticulously maintained. Our people are dog lovers! And because they are, they are constantly handling and playing with all the puppies in our store. When we place our puppies in a playpen, we are inviting every dog lover to pet and cuddle as much as they want. We realize that all this contributes to the puppy's socialization, and that every puppy's temperament is improved by it.

There are items expressly designed to make your new puppy's house breaking, nutrition and grooming easier and more productive for you as well as your new puppy. Please visit Petland Racine today and consult with a Pet Counselor to insure you are providing these fun and essential items that your new puppy needs.

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